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The Motor Vehicle Accident versus the Insurance Lawyer: Hiring an Attorney to Argue Your Case


Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Were you seriously injured? Or, was your car damaged?

At this juncture, determining the guilty party is not relevant to whether you should hire an LA Allstate insurance lawyer or not. In fact, all the parties involved in the accident should hire an attorney to file the motor vehicle insurance claims.


By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points:

What is a motor vehicle accident?

The online legal dictionary states that a car accident “occurs when a motor vehicle strikes or collides another vehicle, a stationary object, a pedestrian, or an animal.” Additionally, a motor vehicle accident results either in minor injuries, property damage, serious injuries or death.

Furthermore, there are many contributing factors to consider when determining the accident’s cause. And finally, some accidents have legal consequences, especially when the driver who caused the accident is simultaneously charged with a DUI or DWI.

The primary purpose of an insurance attorney

An insurance attorney is a legal professional, admitted to the bar, and who is skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in dealing with motor vehicle insurance claims.

Succinctly stated, an insurance company is a for-profit company, and if listed on the local stock exchange, is obligated by its shareholders to generate as big a profit as possible. Consequently, the insurance company will try and avoid paying out insurance claims if it can do so.

This is, in essence, the need to hire an expert attorney to manage your insurance claim. In a manner of speaking, the insurance claim process becomes a battle between how much, or how little, the insurance company will have to pay to settle the claim.

It is vital to note that every time you claim on your motor vehicle insurance policy, your monthly premiums will increase. Mainly, the monthly premium or amount is calculated based on the risk that the company will have to pay out claims on your behalf. Therefore, the more you claim, the higher your risk profile becomes. And, the more your monthly premiums will be.

Additionally, it is also worth being aware of the fact that, while the police report is not necessarily admissible in a court of law, it is still considered valuable information by the insurance company.

Therefore, if the police report takes a negative tone, the insurer will increase the claimant’s risk profile and load the …

4 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Idea To Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs

Getting behind the wheel is a perfect reason to get you smiling on the way to your destination. And an accident can in a great way ruin that ideal experience. Accidents are caused by violations of the law by two or more parties and especially road users.

There are a variety of reasons which lead to or cause such events. Driving under the influence of drugs or DUID is one of those reasons. Driving in such a state can expose you and other road users to danger. And if you do not succeed in getting to your destination, you may end up experiencing the full force of the law.

What does the law say about DUID? It is generally considered a misdemeanor and can be elevated into a felony depending on the circumstances involved. Some of the penalties that a DUID situation might attract include;

  • Separate charges depending on the drugs involved
  • Serving jail term
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Fines and sometimes with a jail term
  • Probation
  • You might be sent to a rehabilitation facility

But what are some of the effects of drugs if driving is anything to go by?

  1. Drugs Impair your vision

When driving vision means everything. Drugs will interfere with your vision leading you to make the following mistakes among others;

  • Fail to see or understand road signs such as warning signs
  • Fail to notice other road users
  • Fail to see the law enforcement authorities
  • Traffic lights might become blurry or too bright
  • An illusion or two might come your way leading you to drive dangerously
  1. Interferes with your decision making

To drive the right way, you must put your mind to it and fully. Taking drugs might lead you to make wrong, hasty, or slow decisions. This increases the possibility of severe injuries or death by an increased percentage. These are some of the decisions that will be affected by DUID;

  • Keeping the focus on the road
  • Making turns
  • Changing gears
  • Accelerating and braking
  • Respecting the speed limits (driving too slow or too fast)
  • Driving in wrong lanes or changing lanes dangerously
  1. Disrespecting other road users

To drive safe, you will need some degree of respect channeled to other road users. The effects of drugs will not understand that, and it only takes one disrespectful decision or behavior to cause an accident. The aftermath of the crash can result in severe injuries …

Auto Accidents and Insurance Litigation Attorneys

A car accident can leave you with many questions with no answers. You may be dealing with long and painful recovery and remain concerned about how the injuries will affect you in the future. There is also a possibility of facing legal issues, the other party may sue you. At this point, that is when you call your insurance litigation attorney and let her handle the case.


The lawyers at DC Law specialize in injury and insurance claims. These lawyers ensure that they understand the circumstances in which you got the injury. Having handled several cases that involve pedestrians, motorcycles, and other related automobile cases, working with us is the best choice.


Protecting Your Interest after an Accident

In case you sustain injuries from an auto accident due to the other party’s negligence, you have every right that needs protection. Insurance companies will always make it difficult to seek compensation. That is when your attorney comes in to protect your interests.


Acting quickly and decisively is the best course of action when facing a serious legal issue. Good lawyers will listen to the facts of your case, answer your queries, and give suggestions on the best way to handle such a case. The biggest reward is to fight for the highest payout in terms of settlement; the best of all you pay nothing until you win the case.


The insurance litigation attorneys handle insurance issues professionally. You will get excellent client-based service while seeking to protect your rights against insurance companies. Anyone with significant damage to the vehicle need to know that insurance processing begins when as client you start the reclamation process.


Insurance companies cover various damages with some going as far as looking into flooding, sandstorms, flood, and auto insurance. The law firm confirms the insurance cover by first reviewing your policy document. Note down what your insurance covers if it is a car, look out for broken windows and general damages that are under the vehicle’s collision coverage.


Filing the Claim

It is a good practice to report incidents or accidents early enough to avoid disappointments. Do this even when you are unsure of the total damage costs. The initial contact you make with your insurance company determines if you get compensation or not.


In general, insurance companies know how to resolve such disputes even for the smallest fee …

5 Things You Must Do To Win A Car Accident Suit

An accident can ruin a near-perfect day in the following ways; wasting your time, minor/severe injuries, and in sometimes death to other road users. Majority of the severe accidents attract the attention of law enforcement authorities.

When the law enforcement authorities are involved, it can only mean that you will need to hire a lawyer. The primary purposes of an attorney are to ensure that you are accorded respect during the entire legal battle as well as ensuring that you are served justice. This applies whether you are the cause of the accident or the victim.

Johnston law firm is an excellent example of lawyers that are dedicated to offering you the best legal representation and advice. This ensures that your entire legal journey is a speedy one and that you are served justice. There are several things you must strictly adhere to in the unfortunate event of a car accident.

  1. Do not flee the scene

Most individuals get tempted to flee the scene, especially when they are not injured, and they can drive away. If you are in this situation, it is vital to remain at the scene and try as much as you can not to panic. If it is possible to be the first to call for help and if you know how to administer first aid to so you might end up saving a life.

It is also essential to stay calm and avoid any aggressive behavior which might complicate your case after all a little courtesy does not hurt. How you react at the scene at the accident scene might work in your in a court of laws. An officer of the law will arrive and take your account of the accident.

  1. Be honest about the accident

When giving information regarding the accident to your attorney, it is paramount that you be honest. This plays a vital role in ensuring that your lawyer builds up a strong case in your favor.  Dishonesty or lies will not only lead to the collapse of your case but will also taint the image of your attorney.

  1. Constantly update your lawyer

Car accidents involve a lot of information sharing and investigations. All this information might not be directly presented to your lawyer in adequate time before you appear in court. It is vital to work with your lawyer to ensure they have all the information needed in the case …

Reasons why should you take out a car insurance when driving abroad!

The most constant thing about life is its unpredictability. It sometimes doesn’t matter how much you plan, some things are simply out of your control. This being the case it is important that we do our best to prepare for these situations. This is why financial structures like Insurance have been created. Insurance helps soften the ripple effect that unforeseen circumstances have on us. In general, many people have seen the benefits of Insurance and have ensured significant amounts of their property and health with these schemes. The problem of regular insurance schemes is that as good as they are, They, unfortunately, do not cover you everywhere you go. If you are a business person who travels on a daily basis, how does your insurance cover you in any of the other cities that you frequent often?

Traveling abroad is a weekly necessity for some people, either for business or to visit family. For some other people, these travels do not come as often. In both instances, trips to other countries require a reliable form of transport. Majority of people who regularly travel abroad tend to rent cars to make transport easier for themselves. Driving is well-known to be one of the most unpredictable activities anyone can involve in.

So how do you protect yourself against the unpredictability that comes with driving, especially in foreign countries? Renting a car and using it in a foreign country is a risk, anything can happen to you at any time. The best way to reduce the effects of any unforeseen event in a foreign country is to acquire insurance.

It seems to be ridiculous to spend money on insurance in a country that you only visit once in a while. This is only if you think of It in terms of conventional insurance. Most people are not aware that there is a possibility to obtain insurance for just one day. The existence of worldwide insurance schemes makes it possible for you to now insure your vehicle when driving abroad (You can find worldwide insure review on britainreviews.co.uk).

You can now take get a car insurance scheme which allows you to insure your car for a single a day or for a weekend. The importance of being ready for everything cannot be overemphasized. Car insurance schemes are now available to help protect you from unforeseen occurrences in foreign countries.

Several companies now offer brief …

Major Causes Of Car Accidents in Conyers And How To Handle The Aftermath

Every time we are on the road, there are a lot of risks, and the worst that could happen is getting involved in a car accident that results in severe personal injuries. This at an instant transforms what was another ordinary day to be the beginning of a complicated period in your life. Despite the pain and suffering that is typically experienced during these times, a shining light of hope is that you never have to go through this period alone.  One can always take in the support from friends and family while relying on professional doctors to ensure that the best treatment is provided.

However, since studies have proven that for any car accident in Conyers Georgia there is always a third-party at fault, you have to go the extra mile and hire the services of legal attorneys. This must not be any other general legal professional but a specialist whose focus area is on car accidents and personal injury cases. It does not take rocket science to understand that only an attorney who has spent years handling similar cases will have what it takes to deliver outstanding results and that is exactly what you require after an accident.

The determination of third-party fault is always the result of in-depth investigation and analysis of several facts which point out to the underlying causes of the accident. This is where the battleground is always drawn for any case as no party ever wants to be on the losing end. Hiring a professional team ensures that no loopholes are left out in this crucial stage and that all false allegation by the defendant team are downplayed. Typically, the most common causes of car accidents that are often discovered include;

  1. Distracted driving. Reports on Georgia’s highway safety show that one of the leading causes of accidents in the region is distracted drivers. Technology is largely to blame for this as most people never know when to put a stop to using their mobile phones. Texting and calling while driving has resulted in the most unexpected and unexplainable crashes given how much distraction it causes to the driver.
  2. Reckless driving and ignoring basic traffic rules. It is the mandate of everyone to abide by the basic rules and regulations that govern the roads and failure to which has been a common cause for a road accident. Over speeding, overtaking at the wrong