4 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Idea To Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs

Getting behind the wheel is a perfect reason to get you smiling on the way to your destination. And an accident can in a great way ruin that ideal experience. Accidents are caused by violations of the law by two or more parties and especially road users.

There are a variety of reasons which lead to or cause such events. Driving under the influence of drugs or DUID is one of those reasons. Driving in such a state can expose you and other road users to danger. And if you do not succeed in getting to your destination, you may end up experiencing the full force of the law.

What does the law say about DUID? It is generally considered a misdemeanor and can be elevated into a felony depending on the circumstances involved. Some of the penalties that a DUID situation might attract include;

  • Separate charges depending on the drugs involved
  • Serving jail term
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Fines and sometimes with a jail term
  • Probation
  • You might be sent to a rehabilitation facility

But what are some of the effects of drugs if driving is anything to go by?

  1. Drugs Impair your vision

When driving vision means everything. Drugs will interfere with your vision leading you to make the following mistakes among others;

  • Fail to see or understand road signs such as warning signs
  • Fail to notice other road users
  • Fail to see the law enforcement authorities
  • Traffic lights might become blurry or too bright
  • An illusion or two might come your way leading you to drive dangerously
  1. Interferes with your decision making

To drive the right way, you must put your mind to it and fully. Taking drugs might lead you to make wrong, hasty, or slow decisions. This increases the possibility of severe injuries or death by an increased percentage. These are some of the decisions that will be affected by DUID;

  • Keeping the focus on the road
  • Making turns
  • Changing gears
  • Accelerating and braking
  • Respecting the speed limits (driving too slow or too fast)
  • Driving in wrong lanes or changing lanes dangerously
  1. Disrespecting other road users

To drive safe, you will need some degree of respect channeled to other road users. The effects of drugs will not understand that, and it only takes one disrespectful decision or behavior to cause an accident. The aftermath of the crash can result in severe injuries or loss of lives. It is therefore strongly advised to keep off drugs entirely.

  1. Violent behavior towards officers of the law

This is a bad one. Being stopped by an officer for whatever reason might lead you to be aggressive and possibly being violent. This is a perfect definition of biting more than you can chew. This is one of the reasons you are strongly advised to keep off drugs at all costs. Some of the reasons why an officer will stop you include;

  • Dangerous driving
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Making wrong turns
  • Failure to observe and obey road signs
  • Causing an accident and speeding off
  • To check your driver’s license
  • Driving an unroadworthy vehicle
  • Careless driving with kids on board