Keep Your Brand-New Car Safe While It’s Being Moved Across the Country

You have just bought a brand-new luxury car, not just any luxury car- your dream car. What is the first thing that you intend to do with it? Are you going just park it in your garage? Maybe drive it around the block? No, right? You would want to show off your new prized possession to all your friends and family, right? But what if you just recently moved states and everyone you know is hundreds of miles away. Maybe you were on a business trip away from home and a whirlwind of events led you to buy a new car. Maybe there is a new car show or competition on the other side of the country and you want to enter your vehicle in it? The question is the same, how would you get your new automobile across the country and back to your home or another desired location safe and sound? The answer—car shipping.

No matter the reason, taking your brand-new car on long drives and various terrains consists of a lot of risks. That’s what car shipping offers- having a professional, transport your vehicle in their trailer to any location across the country, in the shortest amount of time available, while keeping your car free of any dirt or damage. How it usually works is you get a quote from a car shipping company done in a matter of seconds, and companies such as Direct Express Auto Transport offer these quotes free of charge. Then you’d select a time and method for delivery such as a truck, plane, ship, or train. The company will most likely pick up your car anywhere, while at home or at your workplace. Then these companies let you know exactly when your car will be delivered. Most of them notify you along the way, where your vehicle is. Lastly, you will receive one final notification or call letting you know that your car has been -or soon will be- delivered.

Getting car quotes is an interesting thing. Companies that aim towards high customer satisfaction often provide a calculator to help customers estimate the costs of shipping their cars for free. In the early days, quotes were calculated from one state to another, this proved very difficult as each state varies greatly in size from one another. Now, these calculations are made from city to city, making them more accurate. So even if you want to have your car shipped from across the country, you can get an accurate price without having to go through with the decision. Some companies aiming to satisfy their customers offer these calculators without requesting any information from them, respecting their privacy.

This method of car transportation greatly allows for a great way of hassle-free transportation. Shipping of vehicles is not limited to just cars, it also consists of boats, motorcycles and recreation vehicle. While not a new method, car shipping deserves more popularity. Whatever way you want your vehicle shipped, just be sure your car is in the right state and of your documents available.